Thursday, 14 May 2009


Its pretty damn amazing.

Tired is the new drunk. Of a morning I often attempt to put the kettle away in the cupboard instead of the box of teabags. Of an evening I can be found accidentally looking at the Apprentice on TV for more than a few seconds without screaming.

The baby has obviously read Stephen Potter's Gamesmanship books - as his babymanship routines are superb....

He will go quiet suddenly to worry you... He will make it look like his head is loose.... He will look as if he is settling down to sleep in his cot - only to start gribbling again the second you attempt to leave him.... As soon as you change his nappy - he will gleefully crap in the fresh one....

And its all good. I have had weeks off work - bought a Wii - punched myself to sleep on the boxing game - and the biggest change of all:

I can appreciate what my own parents went through for the first time!

All those years of looking after me - putting up with the first 18 months when I was apparently unable to sleep without being in a moving vehicle. For the first time I understand adulthood - and more importantly, what it is to be a dad.

Its great.

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